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NOW FOODS Zinc 50mg - Zinc Gluconate 250 tabs description

A dietary supplement containing zinc in the form of gluconate. For the proper functioning of the body, it is necessary to maintain adequate levels of zinc. Zinc is involved in many processes, among others it is necessary for the proper synthesis of DNA, RNA and some hormones. The dietary supplement can support the body during a cold, thanks to its positive effect on the immune system. In addition, regular zinc supplementation is necessary to maintain strong hair and nails. The mineral can prove to be a support during weight loss, because it works on the fat metabolism process. Additionally, zinc is responsible for regulating testosterone levels.

NOW FOODS Zinc - Usage

  • Promotes proper regulation of acid metabolism
  •  Has a beneficial effect on proper protein synthesis
  •  Bioavailable form of gluconate
  •  Exhibits beneficial effects on vision
  •  Contributes to improved vitamin absorption
  •  Improves wound healing and regeneration.
  •  Has antioxidant properties
  •  Tablets formulated for vegans and vegetarians
  •  May strengthen hair and nails
  •  May improve immune system function
  •  Contributes to maintaining adequate testosterone levels
  •  Participates in fighting free radicals


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