Mutant ISO Surge 5 Lbs (76 Servings)

[giaban]$104.19[/giaban] [giacu]$108.65[/giacu] [chitiet]MUTANT ISO SURGE is one of the most popular Whey Protein products today, with advanced technology that helps remove almost all impurities to provide a high-purity protein source, supporting maximum muscle development. Multi. MUTANT ISO SURGE contains the 2 fastest absorbing protein sources: Whey Hydrolyzed and Whey Isolate, containing absolutely no Whey Concentrate. In particular, products from Mutant all possess an extremely delicious, easy-to-drink and natural flavor, with absolutely no chemical sensation, harsh sweetness, brackishness or bitter aftertaste after drinking. Gymstore guarantees that the taste of MUTANT ISO SURGE will definitely not disappoint you. Many customers have tried it and don't want to switch to another type of whey.[/chitiet][thongso]Updating...[/thongso]