NOW Men's Active Sports Multi

[giaban]$38.45[/giaban][giacu]$63.46[/giacu] [chitiet]Now Men's Multivitamin multivitamin pills help provide the body with essential trace elements, while also coming with free radical Amino Acids, herbal extracts and good fats to help support health. Strong. The product is not only suitable for athletes, but also those who exercise regularly or do not exercise at all can use it and get clear results in terms of overall health. Learn briefly about the special formula of Now Men's Active Sports Multi • Free Amino Acid Supplement: Free amino acids are pre-digested, so they bypass the digestive process and go straight into the bloodstream. This makes them 100% accessible to the body, even for people with damaged digestive tracts or low stomach acid. • Provide herbal extracts: Herbs contain ingredients that help reduce blood fat, reduce fat, increase immune regulation, regulate blood pressure, prevent oxidation, aging, protect cells, help prevent and restores the aging process of skin and cells. Using natural herbs is the best health care trend today. • Supplement good fats for the body: Reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. Regulates stable heart rate. WHERE DOES NOW MEN’S ACTIVE SPORTS MULTI ORIGIN COME FROM? Now Men's Active Multivitamin is a product of Now Foods, one of the businesses specializing in distributing dietary supplements, natural foods, sports nutrition and comprehensive health care, founded in 1968. With more than 50 years of establishment and development, the brand always strives to bring consumers products that provide optimal nutrition for health at affordable prices. To date, Now Foods is not only a popular brand in the US but also trusted in many countries around the world, including Vietnam.[/chitiet] [thongso]Updating...[/thongso]