BioTechUSA Hydro Whey Zero, 4 Lbs (1,816 Kg)

[giaban]$105.75[/giaban] [aff][/aff] [giacu]$110.88[/giacu] [chitiet]Hydro Whey Zero is a high-end product, combining the two purest and highest quality proteins today: Hydrolysate and Isolate, of which Whey Hydrolysate content accounts for 41%. The reason for this name is because to produce this type of Whey Hydrolysate, it is necessary to undergo hydrolysis, the protein chains will be broken into microscopic molecules called peptides. Thanks to that, the body's ability to absorb protein will be pushed to the highest level, without having to wait for the stomach to metabolize, the protein will penetrate directly into the muscles in a short time. Hydro Whey Zero is the highest quality whey from the BioTechUSA brand, supporting optimal muscle development and recovery. With Hydro Whey Zero, you will minimize allergies, bloating, indigestion or acne. BioTechUSA is an American brand specializing in providing dietary supplements and bodybuilding nutrition. Not only receiving love at home, BioTechUSA products are currently available in more than 100 countries worldwide and are trusted and chosen by many customers.[/chitiet] [thongso]Updating...[/thongso]