[giaban]$1.56[/giaban] [giacu]$1.67[/giacu] [chitiet]🎯 PRODUCT INTRODUCTION SAMPLE NUTRABOLICS ANABOLIC STATE 18GRAM • Brand: Nutrabolics • Origin: Canada • Uses: Supports muscle gain and recovery after exercise 🎯 PRODUCT USES AND INGREDIENTS SAMPLE NUTRABOLICS ANABOLIC STATE 18GRAM - Strengthening Muscle development: The product contains important amino acids such as L-leucine, L-isoleucine, and L-valine, which have the ability to stimulate muscle growth and create good conditions for muscle regeneration after exercise. practice. - Reduced catabolism (muscle breakdown): During exercise, muscles can break down, called catabolism. The product helps reduce catabolism, keeping your muscles protected and maintained after each workout session. - Increase energy and strength: The product provides energy from amino acids and nutrients, helping you have the strength and concentration needed to perform your best workout session. - Supports the recovery process after exercise: After each exercise session, muscles need time to recover and regenerate. The product helps optimize this process, helping you exercise more often without experiencing excessive fatigue. 🎯 INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Mix 1 pack of Sample Nutrabolics Anabolic State with water or juice before, can be used during or after training session 🎯 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT THE PRODUCT SAMPLE NUTRABOLICS ANABOLIC STATE 18GRAM - Anabolic State can be used for weight loss goals? Anabolic State is primarily designed for muscle strengthening and post-workout recovery. It is suitable for people who want to build muscle rather than lose weight. However, if you maintain a diet and exercise regimen to lose weight, this product can also aid in the weight loss process by maintaining focus and energy. - When should you use Anabolic State? You can use Anabolic State before, during, or after your workout to optimize performance and recovery. Use the product before your workout for energy, during your workout to maintain focus, and after your workout to help your muscles recover quickly. ✅ NOTE: Product images are for illustration purposes only and may vary between flavors. Storage: at temperatures below 30°C, away from sunlight. Should be combined with a reasonable nutrition and exercise regimen to achieve the best results. Do not skip main meals of the day. The product is not a medicine and does not replace medicine. ✅ SHOP PLEASE COMMIT TO CUSTOMERS: ► 100% genuine products, clear origin ► 10x compensation if counterfeit goods are sold ► Extremely fast delivery ► Advice on usage and product information ► Test and measure body index for free with high-end measuring tape at 5-star fitness clubs ► Participate in the free product testing program[/chitiet] [thongso]Updating...[/thongso]